Professional Counseling
for Dental Treatment

How to upload cases?

In all questions, at least 8 image, cephalometric and panoramic x-rays related to the subject should be uploaded.

Should I upload the follow up every 8 weeks?

We would prefer to see the follow up pictures every 8 weeks, taken at the same angles. Questions should be addressed In detail. X rays a do not need to be taken every 8 weeks.

For a typical case, how many questions is asked?

12 questions for a typical case I would be sufficient. Any more question bundles can always be bought.

Is there a limit of wording for a question ?

Yes there is a limit of words for one question, so please ask wisely and please do not ask the same question twice.

Will there be videos to explain the question to me in detail?

Yes your answers will be in pictures or videos ( if just taken for your case, might last a bit longer) to teach and grow your vision about the profession more.